Hurricane Season 2021

The National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting that 2021 will see between 13-20 named storms, with 7 turning into potentially dangerous hurricanes. Hurricane Season runs from June to November, with the greatest activity typically in late August and September. It’s not too late to take steps to prepare your home and family to ride out hurricanes or high …

Off To College

It’s an exciting time of year. Freshmen attending orientation, seeing their dorm room, meeting their roommates. Families shopping for what their students will need. Upper classmen shopping to furnish first apartments. Whatever the class year that a son or daughter is entering, there are very real implications for a family’s insurance protection program.

Take advantage of what Massachusetts has to offer!

After the year of COVID-19 restrictions, many are just itching to get out and go somewhere! The safest place for you and your family to go is the great outdoors. And in Massachusetts, we are lucky to have so many opportunities through the Massachusetts State Park system to enjoy spring and summer close to home!

Time to review your home replacement costs in today’s dollars

Homeowners, condo owners and renters come to us to purchase insurance to protect themselves from losses. The last thing we want is for you to be severely disappointed in the event of a loss due to fast changing market conditions. Did you know that the costs of construction materials has risen 108%* since April of 2020? *Source: National Association of Home …

No Surprises

Things change. It’s a fact of life. Some changes can impact your insurance coverages. The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced some unplanned changes, like working remotely or starting a home business. To eliminate any potential surprises in the event you have a claim, we’d be happy to review your current situation with you and make any updates needed as part of …

Cabin Fever Cures

Tackling Cabin Fever The concept of cabin fever dates from the early 1900s in New England when people had to stay close to home and primarily indoors due to winter weather. While it’s not a real psychological disorder, the feelings tied to it can be: frustration, irritability, isolation, sadness, depression and even hopelessness. Add to that, having the kids home …

October is National Pet Month!

Ideas and tips to help you improve your beloved pet’s safety this fall and winter. For most Americans, their dogs, cats, and other large and small animals are members of the family. Here are some useful information and strategies you can use to help assure your furry and feathered “best friends” have long, healthy and happy lives.

Keeping Safe While You Enjoy Walking More

During the emergency shut down in Massachusetts because of the pandemic, people have had time to make some positive changes in their lifestyle. Many people have given thought to improving their mental and physical health through increased outdoor activity. And one of the simplest and cheapest forms of exercise is just taking a walk.