Mason Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Mason Insurance?

Masonry work exposes professionals and businesses in this field to a variety of risks, which include both liability and property risks. Mason insurance policies help shield masonry businesses in Massachusetts from a variety of perils that they’re exposed to.

Mason insurance policies are specialized commercial policies that have been designed to meet the unique needs of masonry businesses. These policies normally come as package policies, which allows them to protect against multiple risks by bundling coverage together.


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What Massachusetts Businesses is Masonry Contractor Insurance Right For?

Most Massachusetts businesses that specialize in masonry or related work can benefit from the protections that a masonry contractor insurance policy provides. To not carry insurance often leaves a business unnecessarily exposed to risk, and this tends to be the best type of commercial insurance for businesses that do exclusively this work.

For example, most businesses that do only brickwork or stonework can benefit from having a masonry contractor policy in place.

Businesses that do brickwork and stonework in addition to other kinds of construction might find that a masonry contractor policy offers some of the protections they need -- but not all of the required protections. In these situations, a slightly different insurance policy is often more appropriate.


Do Masons Who Are Self-Employed Need a Masonry Contractor Insurance Policy?

Personal insurance policies normally don’t cover risks related to business activities, so masons who work for themselves usually can’t rely on their personal policies to cover their business risks. Instead, these masons typically have to purchase some form of masonry contractor insurance. An insurance agent who specializes in masonry contractor policies can help find a suitable one in this sort of situation.

Do Masons Receive Insurance Coverage from Their Employer?

Most masons who work as employees of a company receive insurance coverage form their employer. This insurance coverage normally only extends to work that’s done for the employer, though. It doesn’t usually apply to jobs that are done on the side, and any masons who do side work for extra income generally need to carry their own insurance for the additional jobs.

What Coverages Do Masonry Contractor Policies Provide?

As mentioned, most masonry contractor policies come with multiple coverages in them. The exact list of coverages can vary, but there are several common ones that many policies offer. Some of these include:

  • Commercial Building Coverage, which might protect an office or warehouse that a company owns
  • Contractors Tools and Equipment Coverage, which might protect tools and larger equipment that masons use
  • Inland Marine Coverage, which might protect tools and equipment while the items are driven between locations
  • Builders Risk Coverage, which might protect company-owned tools and equipment while the items are at a job site
  • Commercial General Liability Coverage, which might protect against slip-and-fall accidents, defamation lawsuits, and false advertising lawsuits
  • Commercial Auto Liability Coverage, which might protect company-owned vehicles and personal cars that are driven for work
  • Employment Practices Liability Coverage, which might protect against lawsuits arising from illegal employment practices
  • Umbrella Insurance Coverage, which might protect against particularly expensive lawsuits by providing a secondary level of coverage

In addition to these, masonry businesses may also want business income coverage, extra expense coverage or other protections. An insurance agent who’s familiar with the coverage options that these policies provide can help masons determine which of the available protections they need.


How Can Masons in Massachusetts Get Mason Insurance?

For help finding mason insurance in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents of Keefe Insurance. Our agents can help you request quotes from different insurers that offer this type of policy, and they have the expertise necessary to help you select the policy that best meets your business’ unique needs.