Restaurant Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Restaurant Insurance?

Restaurant owners have invested a lot in their eateries, and their investments ought to be protected. Restaurant insurance policies help restauranteurs in Massachusetts shield their businesses from many possible risks.

Restaurant insurance is a specialized type of commercial insurance that’s uniquely designed for restaurants. Policies generally include a range of coverages that weave together to create a web of protection against a range of possible risks that restaurants might face.


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What Coverages Do Restaurant Policies Offer?

The exact coverages included in a restaurant policy can usually be customized to meet a particular eatery’s needs, so policies don’t always have the same exact list of protections. There are, however, a number of restaurant property insurance coverages and restaurant liability insurance coverages that many policies make available. Some of these common protections include:

  • Commercial Property Insurance, which might protect an owned building
  • Tenants Betterment Insurance, which might protect improvements made to a leased space
  • Food Contamination Insurance, which might protect foods and ingredients
  • Commercial Auto Insurance, which might protect owned vehicles
  • General Liability Insurance, which might cover several common accidents
  • Product Liability Insurance, which might cover cases of foodborne illness
  • Liquor Liability Insurance, which might cover alcohol-induced incidents
  • Umbrella Liability Insurance, which might offer additional liability protection

Generally speaking, restaurant property insurance coverages normally offer protection against a range of perils that could result in the loss or damage of property. Restaurant liability insurance coverages typically cover legal defense fees, settlements and claims associated with covered incidents.


What Type of Commercial Auto Insurance Do Restaurants Need?

Most restaurants that own vehicles or have employees use personal cars for work need to provide insurance for those vehicles.

Eateries that have company vehicles typically need a full-fledged commercial auto insurance policy, which is similar to a personal auto policy but adjusted for a business.

Eateries that have employees drive personal cars while making delivers or for other purposes might only need a hired and non-owned auto policy. This type of policy is usually written to insure covered vehicles that aren’t owned by a business but used for work at times.

Restaurant owners who are unsure which type of auto coverage their eatery needs should talk with an insurance agent who specializes in insuring foodservice businesses. A specialized agent will know what types of auto policies are available and when each type is most useful. They can also assist with any other coverage decisions that have to be made.


Do Restaurant Policies Include Workers Compensation Insurance?

Most restaurants in Massachusetts have employees and therefore, need workers compensation insurance. This is one coverage, though, that’s usually not found among a policy’s restaurant liability insurance protections. Instead, workers compensation insurance is often purchased as a separate, individual policy.

What Businesses in Massachusetts Need a Restaurant Policy?

Most restaurants in Massachusetts should consider the restaurant policies available to them. Some similar businesses, such as bars, vineyards and food trucks, may be better off with a slightly different type of policy. For restaurants, however, restaurant policies are frequently the best way to get protection.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Restaurant Policy?

Getting a restaurant policy normally is a fairly straightforward process that doesn’t take too much time, but insurance companies occasionally do have questions that can delay the process. Working with an insurance agent who knows what the application process entails will help the process go as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

How Can Restaurants Get Restaurant Insurance?

For help obtaining a restaurant insurance policy that’s well-suited to your Massachusetts restaurant's needs, contact Keefe Insurance. Our independent insurance agents are able to obtain quotes for restaurant policies from several insurance companies in the state, and they have the expertise necessary to help you identify which policy will best protect your eatery.