Welding Contractor Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Welding Contractor Insurance?

Welding is work that comes with certain risks, including both common ones that many businesses face and others that are more specific to welding businesses. Welding contractor insurance can help Massachusetts welders protect their businesses from a range of both common and specific risks that they face.

Welding contractor insurance is a specialized commercial insurance that’s designed to meet the needs of welding businesses. Because these businesses face multiple potential risks, most policies are underwritten as package policies that can cover a variety of perils.


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What Businesses in Massachusetts Need Welder Insurance?

Both businesses that provide welding services to customers and those that weld as part of their internal operations should probably consider purchasing welder insurance. Few other insurance products provide the specialized protections that these policies do, and businesses often need these protections regardless of what type of welding they do.

In some cases, businesses that provide welding services alongside other work may need a more comprehensive insurance policy. These businesses usually can include welder insurance within their broader policy, though.

A few specific examples of businesses that likely need welder insurance include:

  • Auto repair centers that weld parts
  • New construction companies that weld building components
  • Marine construction companies that weld structures
  • Pipe welding specialists
  • Factories that weld parts
  • Other welding specialists

What Coverages Are Available Through Welder Insurance Policies?

Although the exact coverage options within a policy can vary, many welder policies make a variety of coverages available. Some of the more common protections are:

  • Business Personal Property Coverage, which might protect equipment, tools and supplies while at a welding business’ facility
  • Inland Marine Coverage, which might protect equipment, tools and supplies during transport to and from job locations
  • Builders Risk Coverage, which might protect equipment, tools and supplies while at a job location
  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage, which might protect against theft of equipment or money by employees
  • General Liability Coverage, which might protect against commonplace accidents and defamation lawsuits
  • Auto Liability Coverage, which might protect work-related vehicles and lawsuits arising from employee-caused accidents
  • Completed Operations Coverage, which might protect against malfunctions in completed work that cause damage or injury

Welding businesses might also want commercial umbrella coverage, employment practices liability coverage or other protections. An insurance agent who specializes in these policies can help businesses select all of the coverages that they need.

Is Workers Compensation Included Within Welders Policies?

Workers compensation is an important coverage that normally protects against workplace injuries, which are an obvious risk when welding. The coverage is also often required by law if a business has employees.

Whether workers compensation is found within a specific welders policy depends on that policy, however. Some policies include the coverage, while others leave it to be purchased by itself. When it’s not included in a welders policy, the coverage is easily accessible through stand-alone policies.


Should Subcontracting Welders Procure Their Own Insurance Policies?

Subcontracting arrangements are complex insurance situations, and they’re particularly complicated within the state of Massachusetts. Subcontractors should consult with a knowledgeable insurance agent to determine whether they need their own welders policy. Sometimes a policy is needed, but other times it’s not.

How Can Massachusetts Welding Businesses Get Welding Contractor Insurance?

For assistance with finding welding contractor insurance, contact the independent insurance agents at Keefe Insurance. Our agents can request policy quotes from multiple insurance companies in Massachusetts since we’re an independent agency, and we have the expertise necessary to help you decide which of the available options best meets your business’ needs.