Personal Insurance in Massachusetts

Personal Insurance Coverage from Experienced Massachusetts Agents

What is Personal Insurance?

People face all sorts of risks in the course of everyday life. While everyone in Massachusetts is exposed to their own set of potential risks, most people face at least a few risks that personal insurance can help mitigate. Look no further than The Keefe Agency for insurance to protect the property you own and the liability that comes with it. We can provide Insurance protection for your Home, Autos, Rental Properties, Recreational vehicles, Boats and most anything else you own.

Who in Massachusetts Needs Insurance?

Most Massachusetts residents can benefit from getting insurance. Few people could afford to recover from a major disaster or claim without any insurance coverage in place.

What Sorts of Personal Policies Are Available to Residents?

Because residents face many different risks, our insurance companies offer lots of different insurance policies. Some of the more common kinds of personal policies include:


How Much Do Personal Policies Cost?

How much residents pay for personal policies depends on many different factors. In addition to the type of policy being purchased and the policy’s limits, insurance companies may also consider a variety of other factors when setting premiums. Just a few of the other items that can influence how much a policy might cost are:

  • Where insured property is located or stored
  • What security measures a property is protected by
  • How large a property is
  • The policyholder's age, gender, marital status and overall health
  • The policyholder’s claims history

To find out exactly how much a particular type of policy would cost, residents should talk with an independent insurance agent who offers an array of personal properties. An informed agent will know what coverage options are available, and an independent agent can request quotes from different insurance companies to see how much the desired coverage(s) would cost given a particular situation.

What Discounts Do Our Insurance Companies Offer on Personal Policies?

Most insurance companies offer a number of policy-specific discounts on many of the personal policies they offer. For example, a car insurance policy might give a discount to drivers who drive a limited number of miles each year. Exactly what specific discounts are available vary from policy to policy and insurer to insurer.

In addition to more specific discounts, insurance companies often also offer discounts that are more broadly available. Some of these discounts might include reduced premiums for:

  • Paying a policy in full at the time of purchase
  • Remaining claims free for a certain amount of time
  • Purchasing several policies from the same company
  • Installing safety or security equipment on insured property

What is an Endorsement?

In certain situations, an insurance policy won’t provide all of the coverage that a person needs among its standard protections. When this happens, people often have the option to purchase an endorsement. Endorsements offer narrowly defined coverage that provides a specific protection. They’re primarily used to supplement policies’ other coverages, and they’re usually able to offer affordable protection because their coverage is narrowly defined. Endorsements are also called “riders.”

How Can Massachusetts Residents Get Personal Insurance?

There is a lot to consider when selecting insurance policies. In addition to considering their risk exposure, residents must also check what premiums insurers charge and what sorts of discounts are available on the policies they need. Additionally, the coverages of each policy selected should be carefully reviewed to make sure the policy provides the right protections.

For help with all of this, contact the independent insurance agents at Keefe Insurance. Our experienced team has helped many Massachusetts residents get the insurance they require, and we’re ready to assist you with your personal insurance needs.