Painters Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Painters Insurance?

Painters make investments in themselves and their businesses, and those investments ought to be protected. Without adequate insurance, a single incident or accident could leave a painter financially devastated. Painters insurance policies help Massachusetts painting businesses mitigate many of the risks they face.

Painters insurance is a kind of commercial insurance that’s crafted with painting businesses in mind. Most policies come with several coverages packaged together, and those coverages are designed to meet the needs of painters.


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What Businesses in Massachusetts Should Consider Painting Insurance?

Painting insurance is usually the right commercial insurance option for painting businesses of all types. The following are some examples of Massachusetts businesses that may find a painting policy's coverage useful:

  • Self-employed painters
  • Residential painting businesses
  • Commercial painting businesses
  • Contractors who sometimes paint
  • Employees who moonlight on their own by painting

Nonprofit organizations might also want a painting policy if they paint homes of low-income property owners.

Importantly, businesses shouldn’t mistake a legal business structure as a substitute for insurance. While incorporating offers some legal protections, the protections that a business structure provides are largely different than what comes through an insurance policy. Even 501(c)3 nonprofits can be sued and need insurance, not to mention for-profit corporations.


What Coverages Do Painting Insurance Policies Offer?

There are several coverages that painting insurance policies might offer, and businesses can often choose the ones that are right for their situation. Some of the more popular coverages include:

An insurance agent who specializes in this form of commercial insurance can help businesses decide which coverages are right for them.


Do Painting Insurance Policies Come with Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation is an important protection that normally insures against job-related injuries, such as those that a painter might suffer if they fall off of a roof or ladder.

Most Massachusetts businesses that have employees, including most painting businesses with employees, are required by state law to carry this coverage. Self-employed painters who don’t have employees normally aren’t required to carry the coverage, but they sometimes still choose to because health insurance policies can exclude workplace injuries.

Despite the widespread need for workers compensation, however, it’s not universally included in all painting policies. Some policies may offer the coverage, but others likely won’t. When it’s not available through a painting policy, businesses can usually get it via a stand-alone policy that offers only workers compensation.

Even though not all painting policies have workers compensation, nearly all insurance agents who assist with painting policies also help with this important coverage.


Do Painting Policies Cost a Lot?

Painting policies generally are affordable, although premiums can vary. They almost certainly are less expensive than what paying to recover from a major disaster or accident could be.

How Can Painting Businesses Get Quotes for Painters Insurance?

If you have a painting business in Massachusetts that needs insurance, talk with one of the independent insurance agents at Keefe Insurance. Our agents are independent of any one insurer, so they can show you painters insurance policies from many different companies. Once you have several quotes to review, our agents also have the expertise necessary to help you select the very best one.