Backhoe Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Backhoe Insurance?

Backhoes are versatile machines that can demolish, build, move and lift. While widely useful because of everything that they can do, all of these actions come with certain risks that backhoe operators in Massachusetts ought to consider. Backhoe insurance won’t prevent something from going awry during a job, but it can provide financial protection in the event of a covered claim.

Backhoe insurance is specialized commercial equipment insurance that’s designed specifically for backhoes. In order to protect against both liability and property risks, most policies are underwritten as package policies that bundle multiple coverages together.


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What Businesses in Massachusetts Need Backhoe Coverage?

Most Massachusetts businesses that operate and/or own backhoes can benefit from the protections that backhoe coverage affords. Forgoing insurance can leave a business dangerously exposed to significant risks, and some customers may refuse to hire an uninsured operator.

A few examples of specific businesses that frequently use backhoes and therefore may want coverage include:

  • Excavators
  • General contractors
  • Builders
  • Landscapers
  • Road construction companies

In some cases, backhoe coverage may be needed in addition to other coverages. When a plethora of coverages are needed, businesses might choose to purchase a robust policy that combines many different equipment and other coverages together. Contractor or landscape insurance is often more appropriate than a backhoe-only policy for these businesses. These policies generally still can include backhoe coverage, however. Businesses that aren’t sure whether they should purchase backhoe coverage by itself or as part of a more comprehensive insurance policy can get help from a knowledgeable insurance agent. Someone who specializes in backhoe coverage and related insurance products will be able to provide informed guidance as to what option best suits a particular backhoe operator’s situation.

What Protections Does Backhoe Coverage Afford?

Whether purchased by itself or as part of a more comprehensive policy, backhoe coverage usually provides multiple liability and property protections. Some of the protections that are typically found in policies include:

  • General Liability Coverage, which might insure basic accidents that result in injuries or property damage to others
  • Operating Risk Coverage, which might insure accidents that occur while a backhoe is being operated
  • Theft Coverage, which might insure a backhoe against theft regardless of where the equipment is (with a few exceptions)
  • Damaged or Destroyed Coverage, which might insure a backhoe against damage that results from many causes
  • Rental Reimbursement Coverage, which might insure against the cost of rental equipment if a covered claim renders a backhoe inoperable

Can Backhoe Coverage Protect Other Construction, Demolition or Excavation Equipment?

Whether a backhoe policy is able to cover other equipment depends largely on the language of the policy. Some have terms that allow them to cover equipment such as hydraulic hammers, post hole diggers, pile drivers, road rollers and trailers, but other policies don’t have protections that are as flexible.

Before assuming that a backhoe policy does or doesn’t cover other equipment, operators should speak with an experienced insurance agent who can help interpret the language of a policy.

How Much Are Premiums for Backhoe Coverage?

Several factors impact how much backhoe coverage costs. The equipment’s primary location, the equipment’s size and the policy’s chosen limits are just some of the items that can impact premiums. In general, however, backhoe coverage is typically quite affordable.

An independent insurance agent who can compare coverage options from multiple insurance companies will be able to help check how much insuring a particular backhoe will be.

Where Can Backhoe Operators in Massachusetts Get Backhoe Insurance?

For help insuring a backhoe that’s used in Massachusetts, contact us at Keefe Insurance. We’ll work with you to determine what projections your backhoe needs, and then our independent agents will scour the available backhoe insurance policy options to help you find the best available one.