Wedding Planner Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Wedding Planner Insurance?

Wedding planners are entrusted with the logistics of engaged couples’ big days, and that’s a major responsibility. With the responsibility of planning wedding events comes certain risks, for these professionals might be held responsible if something goes awry. Wedding planner insurance can help wedding planners in Massachusetts shield themselves from both liability and other risks that they face.

Wedding planner insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that’s designed to meet the needs of wedding planners. In order to provide wedding planners with robust protections, most policies come as package policies that combine multiple coverages together.


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Who in Massachusetts Needs Wedding Planner Liability Insurance?

The vast majority of wedding planners in Massachusetts can benefit from having wedding planner liability insurance in place. Most wedding planners are sole proprietors or small business owners, and have limited resources to handle a liability lawsuit with. Carrying wedding planner liability insurance may help manage the legal and settlement costs of a covered suit.

What Coverages Do Wedding Planner Policies Make Available?

Wedding planner liability insurance is a main protection of many wedding planner policies, but it’s not the only coverage to consider. There are many coverages that wedding planners may want to look for in a policy:

  • Commercial General Liability Coverage, which may cover basic accidents that result in injuries to others or damage to their property
  • Professional Liability Coverage, which may cover mistakes and errors that negatively impact a client’s big day
  • Business Property Coverage, which may cover business-owned facilities, equipment and supplies
  • Commercial Auto Coverage, which may cover personal or business-owned vehicles that are driven for work
  • Inland Marine Coverage, which may cover equipment and supplies as they’re taken to and from event locations
  • Business Interruption Coverage, which may cover prolonged revenue losses that follow certain natural disasters

Professional liability coverage is the coverage that most people think of when they ask about wedding planner liability insurance. Also called errors and omissions (E&O) coverage, this coverage might protect against mistakes such as the following:

  • Reserving a venue for the wrong date
  • Failing to correct mistakes on save-the-dates or invitations
  • Sending invitations to people who aren’t on the guestlist
  • Not securing vendors as promised

As with any insurance coverage, exactly what a particular policy’s professional liability coverage will protect against depends on the policy’s terms and conditions. An insurance agent who specializes in wedding planner policies can help review a particular policy’s terms to determine what the policy includes in this coverage.


What’s a Business Owners Policy?

A business owners policy (BOP) is a package policy that’s normally well-suited for businesses that have basic insurance needs. Many wedding planners may find that this type of policy adequately meets their needs, or that this type of policy plus a separate professional liability policy is good for them.

A knowledgeable agent can help wedding planners decide whether a business owners policy is the right choice for them.


How Much Do Wedding Planner Policies Cost?

Rates for wedding planner policies vary, but these policies tend to be quite affordable. Even wedding planners who are new to the industry or work part-time can likely still afford coverage, and getting coverage is almost certainly less expensive than what a major claim might cost if no protection is in place.

How Can Wedding Planners in Massachusetts Get Wedding Planner Insurance?

For help finding wedding planner insurance, contact the independent insurance agents of Keefe Insurance. Our agents can help you compare quotes from many different insurers in Massachusetts since we’re an independent agency, and we have the expertise needed to help you select the best one from the available options.