Financial Services from Massachusetts Specialists

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What Are Financial Services?

Managing money for long-term stability and growth is a major responsibility. For assistance with the decisions that must be made, many Massachusetts residents rely on a financial services professional.

Financial professionals help residents responsibly manage their assets to accomplish desired goals, which can and do vary. Some clients may simply want to protect assets, while others might be more interested in growing their portfolio’s value. Still others might have different goals yet. Whatever a client’s goals are, a professional's role is to help them wisely utilize their assets to work toward the chosen objective.

What Financial Services Do Professionals Offer?

Professionals in this field offer a variety of financial services to clients. Some of the more common services that are available include assistance with:

  • Traditional and Roth IRAs
  • 529 College Savings Plans
  • Annuities
  • Mutual Funds
  • Managed Investment Accounts
  • Non-Traded Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Long-Term Care Insurance

More generally, professionals may help clients with financial planning, retirement planning, estate conservation and/or other major financial decisions.

What is the Best Savings Option?

The above list includes just some of the many different products that people might use to save for financial goals. So many different products are offered because there isn’t a single solution that’s right for every situation. An informed professional can help residents determine what’s best for them based on their income, age, goal, situation and other factors.

What Massachusetts Residents Can Benefit From These Types of Services?

Many Massachusetts residents can benefit from the services that financial professionals provide. These services are designed to help people protect and build wealth, which is something that helps just about everyone.

While there’s a lot of information about the above-mentioned products available, there are also many nuances to these products. Making an informed decision requires being aware of all the available options and understanding the full extent of any particular decision’s effects. Additionally, it requires considering the potential risks and rewards of each possible decision.

Taking everything into account frequently requires the assistance of a knowledgeable financial professional. A knowledgeable professional can lay out the various options available and walk through multiple scenarios to identify which one best suits a particular client and their situation.

What Should Residents Look For in a Financial Professional?

When searching for a financial professional, residents should seek out someone who is knowledgeable and willing to share their expertise. While a professional ought to be familiar with the various financial products that are available, that knowledge alone isn’t always sufficient. Many of the best professionals in the field will share relevant details with clients so that clients can make informed and wise decisions on how to manage their own assets. Thus, clear communication leads to clients having a more active role in how their financial plan unfolds.

Do Financial Professionals Offer Their Own Products?

Some large financial firms do both employ advisors and offer products, which can create a potential conflict of interest. Advisors might favor their company’s products over a competitor’s and, in some cases, they may not even be allowed to tell clients about competitors’ offerings,

Independent firms, however, normally don’t have their own financial products. Instead, they help clients explore the products that large companies offer. Because professionals at these firms are independent, they’re typically free to show clients products from multiple companies. After reviewing several products, they can usually help clients select the best option regardless of what company offers the chosen product.

How Can Massachusetts Residents Learn More About Financial Services?

For help with financial matters, contact the team at Keefe Insurance. An independent insurance and financial services firm, we’ve helped many Massachusetts residents prepare for the future. Our team would be glad to assist you with your financial goals as well.