Septic Installers and Cleaners Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Septic Installer and Cleaners Insurance?

Servicing septic systems can be a good career, but the work comes with some risks. Septic servicers must consider both the property and liability risks they face, and how to protect against those risks whenever possible. Getting septic installers and cleaners insurance is one way that Massachusetts septic service providers can protect themselves against a range of potential perils.

Septic installer and cleaners insurance is specialized commercial insurance for businesses that service septic systems. So that these policies can provide the various protections septic servicers need, the policies are usually underwritten as packaged policies that have multiple coverages in them.


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What Massachusetts Businesses Should Carry Septic Service Provider Insurance?

Broadly speaking, most septic servicers in Massachusetts ought to consider carrying septic service provider insurance. Not having an insurance policy can leave a business unnecessarily exposed to risks, and these tend to be the best policies for the businesses in this line of work.

What Coverages Are Offered By Septic Service Provider Insurance?

The coverages that septic service provider insurance policies offer can vary, but many policies make a variety of common coverages available. These coverages include both property and liability protection, with the former normally protecting assets and the latter typically protecting against liability lawsuits.

A few of the property protection that septic service providers might want to look for in a policy are:

  • Commercial Property Coverage, which might protect buildings, equipment and other assets on a service provider’s premises
  • Inland Marine Coverage, which might protect equipment and other assets when they’re moved to/from job sites
  • Commercial Auto Coverage, which might protect commercial vans, trucks and/or trailers
  • Business Income Coverage, which might protect against revenue losses that follow a significant covered disaster

A few of the liability protections that might be helpful include:

  • General Liability Coverage, which may cover basic “slip-and-fall” accidents along with some defamation lawsuits
  • Professional Liability Coverage, which may cover errors made in work or while giving customers recommendations
  • Umbrella Liability Coverage, which may give a secondary layer of liability protection

There are still more coverages that policies could offer. An insurance agent who specializes in these types of policies can help septic servicers determine precisely what coverages they should choose.


Should Septic Service Providers Carry Workers Compensation?

Massachusetts businesses that have employees are usually required to carry workers compensation, and this requirement extends to many septic service providers. Even when it's not legally required, septic service providers might still want to purchase a workers' compensation policy.

Workers compensation generally protects against workplace injuries and illnesses, both of which are a consideration when you are working on septic systems. In the event of a workplace injury or illness, workers comp will likely help pay a portion of the workers' lost wages and their medical costs.

For self-employed septic service providers, workers' compensation might fill in a gap that traditional health insurance policies have. Many standard health insurance policies won't cover workplace injuries or illnesses, thus frequently leaving self-employed business owners without protection in lines they have workers comp.


How Can Septic Service Providers Get Septic Installers and Cleaners Insurance?

If you need help finding septic installers and cleaners insurance in Massachusetts, contact us at Keefe Insurance. Our independent insurance agents are able to show you all see options from many insurance companies in the state, and we have the expertise necessary to help you choose whichever policy is best for your business. With our assistance in selecting a policy, you can be confident that you covered well when servicing customers’ systems.